Paul Smith holding his winning pigeon named STANSTED EXPRESS just after she was clocked and won 1st United Kingdom, 1st OPEN and a Platinum Medal in the Final Race in The 20th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race series, on the 6th February 2016 from 541km (336 miles) when 35 different countries sent 2,161 pigeons. STANSTED EXPRESS was bred by by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

Paul Smith standing next to the New Car he won with his good pigeon named PAUL'S AMBITION that won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 1st OPEN in the Derby Arona Hot Spot Car Race 2 on the 6th March 2018 from 130km (81 miles) when 38 different countries sent 690 pigeons. She also won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 4th OPEN in TR18. PAUL'S AMBITION was bred by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

Paul offers a superb range of BELGICA DE WEERD VETERINARY/MEDICINAL PIGEON PRODUCTS many of which have been sold virtually all over the world for the past fifty years. Since 1972 Dr. Henk de Weerd has specialised himself in the medicinal requirements and a complete guidance for the owners and the trainers of racing and breeding pigeons literally all over the world.

Thousands of top class pigeon fanciers all over the world use these supplements to make sure their pigeons are kept in first class condition. A superb forty-four page colour product brochure is available on request, plus current prices and all order forms.

Over the past few years Dr. Henk de Weerd has travelled the world and has now set up new Pigeon Clinics in numerous countries, the latest being the BELGICA DE WEERD AVIAN VETERINARY CLINIC in Colchester, Essex from where all the products are now held and dispatched from. Quite a few of the products that are offered for sale do not need a special licence to be sold in the United Kingdom as they are multivitamins but the others are only available in the United Kingdom because that veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the SMALL ANIMAL EXEMPTION SCHEME (SAES), whilst others offered for sale need to have a PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICINE (POM) and that can only be supplied by a VETERINARY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE (VPS).

The superb state of the art BELGICA DE WEERD AVIAN VETERINARY CLINIC has now been set up so that pigeon fanciers throughout the United Kingdom can have access to these special licensed products without having the fear of being prosecuted for having them in their possession, whilst treating their affected pigeons. This brand new BELGICA DE WEERD AVIAN VETERINARY CLINIC has been set up at great costs and with the official approval of the DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS (DERFA) and the VETERINARY MEDICINES DIRECTORATE (VMD), which is an EXECUTIVE AGENCY OF THE DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS.

Pigeon fanciers in the United Kingdom should be delighted that these two agencies are now working alongside us to make sure that certain pigeon products can now legally be sold to pigeon fanciers in this country.

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Pigeons in Flight

Photographs taken by Peter Morey, South Africa.