Paul Smith holding his winning pigeon named STANSTED EXPRESS just after she was clocked and won 1st United Kingdom, 9th OPEN and a Platinum Medal in the Final Race in The 20th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race series, on the 6th February 2016 from 541km (336 miles) when 35 different countries sent 2,161 pigeons. STANSTED EXPRESS was bred by by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

Paul Smith standing next to the New Car he won with his good pigeon named PAUL'S AMBITION that won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 1st OPEN in the Derby Arona Hot Spot Car Race 2 on the 6th March 2018 from 130km (81 miles) when 38 different countries sent 690 pigeons. She also won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 4th OPEN in TR18. PAUL'S AMBITION was bred by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

About Us

Paul Smith was certainly one of the most successful racing pigeon fanciers in the United Kingdom during his racing career, winning literally hundreds of top positions in Mid-Week, Club, Open, Federation, Amalgamation, Combine and National Races, plus he also won numerous top RPRA REGIONAL & NATIONAL AWARDS. He then went on and formed the world renowned “REGENCY LOFTS RACING & BREEDING STUD” with his two great friends, namely Bruce McAllister and Michael Boulton. This great international stud supplied top class racing and breeding pigeons to pigeon fanciers literally all over the world. Paul bred and raced many great pigeons in his time but CHAMPION REGENCY ROCKET was one of his best pigeons, he won 14 x 1sts, 5 x RPRA AWARDS and also a LONDON REGION GOLD MEDAL plus he also won an OLYMPIAD GOLD MEDAL. During his time in the sport Paul has travelled literally all over the world promoting the sport that he loves so much. However, in 1994 Paul decided to call it a day and sold all his racing and breeding pigeons after he had enjoyed years of continued success at the highest level. During his time in the sport he held many top administration positions at all levels but the one he treasured the most was being elected by THE ROYAL PIGEON RACING ASSOCIATION as THE GREAT BRITAIN PIGEON OLYMPIAD TEAM MANAGER for the 1983 and 1985 PIGEON OLYMPIADS. During his racing career Paul actually had quite a few of his pigeons selected for numerous Pigeon Olympiads and he actually won TWENTY-TWO OLYMPIAD GOLD MEDALS and TWO OLYMPIAD SILVER MEDALS. Paul also had the distinction of winning many top awards at local, regional and national pigeon shows all over the United Kingdom and he has also been asked to judge at most of these prestigious national pigeon shows during his time in the sport. His travels have virtually taken him all round the world and all to do with the sport of pigeon racing and he has attended at least 20 Pigeon Olympiads and about 8 American Union and International Federation Conventions in United States Of America. Some of the countries that Paul has visited during his career are as follows:- THAILAND, REPUBLIC OF CHINA, JAPAN, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, PHILIPPINES, HONG KONG, POLAND, EGYPT, MALTA, PORTUGAL, GERMANY, FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, INDIA, ITALY, SPAIN, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MEXICO, CANADA, GREECE, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, SINGAPORE, GRAND CANARIES, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY, CYPRUS, YUGOLSLAVIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES plus a few others. Many of these countries he has visited over 25 times.

Paul also loved competing in ONE LOFT RACES and has won many top positions over the years, including taking the first fourteen positions in one race. He has also acted and held the position as THE GREAT BRITAIN OR UNITED KINGDOM RACE TEAM CO-ORDINATOR for all the following one loft races and conferences around the world namely the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Asia Pacific One Loft Race & Racing Pigeon Conference, all held in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand in 1987, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996 & 1998, The Seoul Olympic Games Amity Race held in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, The First World Peace Race held in Seoul, South Korea in 1992, The Europa Classic Berlin Race & Congress held in Berlin, Germany in 1993 & 1994, The Thailand World Championship Race held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998 and 2000, The Greek Akropolis One Loft Race held in Thessalonika, Greece in 1997, The Pigeon Sport Promotions Europa Classic Race held in Cardiff, South Wales from 2002 to 2006, The Swiss Classic One Loft Race held in Basle, Switzerland in 1997, The Royal Racing Pigeon Association Queen’s Golden Jubilee Race held in Cheltenham, United Kingdom in 2002.

Paul has also been asked by many other ONE LOFT RACES around the world to act for them as a Country Race Co-ordinator or Shipper but he has declined these offers because he personally feels it is better to devote all your time to one race.

Then in 1997 he was also appointed by AIR SPORT INTERNATIONALE to act as THE INTERNATIONAL RACE CO-ORDINATOR for THE WORLD FREE FLIGHT MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE which was held in Sun City, South Africa. This race then changed its name to THE SUN CITY MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE and is now known as THE SOUTH AFRICAN MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE. This is without doubt the biggest and greatest one loft race in the world today and the one with the proven track record, plus it is also known as the Olympics of the pigeon world. Paul has now acted as the United Kingdom Race Team Race Co-ordinator & Shipper for all the 21 races that this world renowned international pigeon race has held in South Africa. Over the past 21 years over 50 different countries have now participated in this great race. It also has the enviable record of paying out all of its allocated/projected prize money in every race that has been held to date. Over the past 20 years it has paid out in excess of US$33 Million American Dollars (£23 Million Pounds) in Prize Money. The Prize Money for the 21st SAMDPR exceeds US$2.2 Million American Dollars (£1.55 Million Pounds), with a guaranteed First Prize of US$200,000 American Dollars (£143,000 Pounds), plus 299 other fantastic cash prizes in the Final Race. It has without doubt the best and most up to date, state of the art web site and which has now just recently exceeded 80 million “HITS” in a full race series. Entry records are smashed on a regular basis as you can see by logging onto THE SOUTH AFRICAN MILLION DOLLAR PIGEON RACE web site www.samdpr.com  

Paul is still very actively involved in the pigeon sport and has over the past thirty five years acted as a consultant or adviser for many of the leading companies in the pigeon world namely INTERLINK EXPRESS (INTERLOFT), HARKERS LIMITED,


Catwatch, Catfree, Pestfree & Pestcontroller

Pigeons in Flight

Photographs taken by Peter Morey, South Africa.