Paul Smith holding his winning pigeon named STANSTED EXPRESS just after she was clocked and won 1st United Kingdom, 1st OPEN and a Platinum Medal in the Final Race in The 20th South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race series, on the 6th February 2016 from 541km (336 miles) when 35 different countries sent 2,161 pigeons. STANSTED EXPRESS was bred by by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

Paul Smith standing next to the New Car he won with his good pigeon named PAUL'S AMBITION that won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 1st OPEN in the Derby Arona Hot Spot Car Race 2 on the 6th March 2018 from 130km (81 miles) when 38 different countries sent 690 pigeons. She also won 1st United Kingdom / Ireland, 4th OPEN in TR18. PAUL'S AMBITION was bred by the late Jimmy Richards from Laindon, Essex.

- Feed Supplement -

Information: Belga Biovit is a quality mixture of liquid minerals, vitamines and aminoacids in the correct proportions to ensure a top class moult and extra bloom and condition of the new feathers.

Can also be used during the races as a conditioner. Also suitable for nestyoungsters for the growth of strong plumage. Can also be mixed with Belgasol.

This product does not influence the beginning of the moult.

Use: Start of the main moult 1 week consecutive: 1 tablespoon per 2 liters of water followed by once or twice per week 1 tablespoon per liter of water.

Packaging & handling: - Store: cool. Not to be used in pigeons for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. For veterinary use only. - Shake well before use! - Available in flacons of 250, 500 & 1000 ml

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Pigeons in Flight

Photographs taken by Peter Morey, South Africa.